Places I have always wanted to see! Greece and Rome

Places I have always wanted to see! Greece and Rome.


Places I have always wanted to see! Greece and Rome

Who didnt grow up on stories about ancient Greece and the Roman Empire? I am a child of the last year of  the ‘baby boomers’ generation. The great movies such as Ben Hur, Cleopatra, learning about them in school, reading the books…

In 2010 my “Darling” husband went overseas to work and we had the opportunity to meet for 3 weeks. During a phone call he asked, ‘Where would I like to go?’ …when you are asked a question as such, boy its hard to determine exactly where. The family were coming, and there had to be sandy beaches. Only 1 answer really! A Greek Island!

But we didnt want to go to a party island as such. We wanted adventure, or to sit down and do nothing but relax, wanted to be warm…we werent interested in Santorni or Mykanos, so onto goggle I went. Sandy beaches = Skopelos Island.

This stunning view of the Skopelos Town, the largest town on the island was taken from our villa. Beautiful isnt it

This stunning view of  Skopelos Town, the largest town on the island was taken from our villa. Beautiful isnt it.                   photo by jadoretotravel

Skopelos, on average has the greatest number of sandy beaches in Greece. The movie ‘Mama Mia’ had come out a few years beforehand, the scenery was just stunning. That was the location!

Rather than staying in a hotel we decided to hire a Villa. Was just far enough away to sleep well at night but close enough that my brother in law could walk every morning for fresh croissants!

The invitation went out and the party in the end was made up of some of our children, darlings brother and wife who we adore travelling with and after a few days, my best friend and my “darling’s” best mate and their son would join us. During our time there, with my best friends help, we would hold a surprise – but more about that later…

Taken from the water this beach was just beautiful though hardly any fish were to be seen. The beach scene in the movie Mama Mia was set here.

Taken from the water this beach was just beautiful though hardly any fish were to be seen. The beach scene in the movie Mama      Mia was set here.                                                    photo by jadoretotravel

So it was decided, we all would meet on the island then we would return to Athens together and after a couple of days take a small tour to Olympus and Delphi plus a tour in Athens. Then everyone will go their separate ways. Perfect!

All my life, I had heard, read, saw on television and here I stood gazing on its majesty.

All my life, I had heard, read, saw on television and here I stood gazing on its majesty.          photo by jadoretotravel

My daughter was to fly with me into Rome, then after a few days to get over our jetlag we would head to Athens to meet my son. his friend and my “darling”.

Rome was the perfect excuse to get over jetlag and am so glad we did as it worked. By the time I met my husband we were fine to spend all my time with him. The other positive point that as we were awake so early, we were able to visit some fabulous locations such as Trevi Fountain before the crowds!

So please join me for the start of our Eastern Mediterranean Adventures beginning with Rome in my next part.

photo by jadoretotravel

photo by jadoretotravel

Until then, happy travelling xx

Adventures can be on a journey within…

Hello darlings,

I am sorry I havent posted anything for a while. The fact is I have been going through an “internal adventure”.

I had a simple accident this time a year ago and though we expected me to improve and get back into it, I didnt. My brain decided to protect my body from being hurt but it went into ‘over protection’ and now I am in chronic pain, unable to work – for the moment (only)…..

I am telling you this darlings, not for sympathy as there are thousands out there that require your love and support, I am just touching base why I havent posted anything for a long time! I am a very blessed lady, I have so much support in my life.

My accident was a simple one. I was in a hurry to go out to dinner, I didnt raise my foot and ‘fell out’ over my sliding door track and down 6 inches onto my terracotta tiled pergola – very unforgiving floor but very simple accident. Breakages and dislocations later, it was due to the stress at work that led me to this continued mess, stress which was occurring prior to the accident.

So, please if you are stressed, it can lead to your body finding ways to cope to protect itself. Please find ways to minimise your stress – whether its massages, holidays with family and friends, long walks, yoga…truly my position is not a recommended one…

But mid year this year I will be taken away to one of my ‘soul places’, Penang Malaysia. We lived there for a 3.5 years, returning to Australia 2005. Luckily enough we have returned often.

In September we have organised a few days on the North Island, New Zealand and hopefully at the very end of the year we will be witnessing a ‘Chinese wedding’ in Singapore.

So I have a few months to improve but no matter what state I am, I will be travelling. I look forward to bringing you more adventure stories then.

Until then, I would like to post some favourite photos of mine from adventures we have enjoyed in the past. I hope you will enjoy them and stay with me on my journey.

All the best darlings and thank you for your support up to now and into the future


J’Adore Travel


Our adventure to Port Fairy Victoria via Daylesford – Part Two

It was hard to wake on our morning in Daylesford but we had things to do, places to see…

On check out, we both visited reception. Our hosts were just lovely.  Allan was great in his suggestions for breakfast and what to see and do in the region. Honestly, you could stay for a week from what I have read and still not see it all. Reception for the hotel is in a house built in the 1860’s.

Daylesford Central Motor Inn

Hotel reception, house built in the 1860’s

Daylesford Central Motor Inn

Allan recommended amongst many, “Cliffies” for breakfast, sounded intriguing so we headed to Raglan Street. On our way I saw the Scout Hall and begged Darling’ to take me pass (I am sure he decided it was going to be a long day of photos!)

Daylesfors Scout Hall - so Australian!

I couldnt resist taking this photo!

a cute Daylesford cottage

a cute Daylesford cottage

view from Albert Street up to Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens sittiing over the village

view from Albert Street up to Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens created in an extinct volcano, sitting over the village

We drove through town and had a look. Darling needed to refuel so I took the opportunity to have a look around..

old Daylesford hotels

lovely old Daylesford hotels

old Daylesford hotel

This old Daylesford gold mining hotel was originally called “The Jamieson Hotel” built in the 1860’s by an American entrepreneur, it held a theatre and ballroom. In 1867 the town as a whole including men from the many gold mines around town gathered in the hotel’s hall to discuss the search that would take place the next day for the “Three Lost children”. (The children weren’t found until three months later, sadly far too late). In 1886 the name was changed to “The Raglan Hotel”. Today its a private residence upstairs with the “Kazuki” restaurant and “Made Art Gallery” downstairs.

Opened in 1902 at Wills Square, the fountain commemorates Queen Victoria

Opened in 1902 at Wills Square, the fountain commemorated Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

Queen Victoria memorial built 1902 Daylesford

I thought it was such a lovely fountain, couldnt help but imagine the discussions that took place around it through its history (officially opened in 1902).

lovely old buildings from the 1860''s

old hotel with old post box

the ‘Raglan Hotel’  with the old post box – I could see the gold miners of the past standing around this hotel 160 years ago…

the old post box

I could see the ladies in their Victorian gowns with their lace gloves dropping their beautifully written letters to their families…

Victorian lace work

Victorian wrought iron lace of the “The Raglan Hotel”

free ddelivery - Daylesford

says it all….

Immediately noticed the shops I wanted to have a quick look over before leaving town…especially Wombat Gifts..but time for breakfast…

Cliffy’s –

Originally we had hoped to sit outside under the galvanized iron verandah but we found a gorgeous table and chairs up the front and grabbed it

make sure you tell them you are there...

make sure you tell them you are there…he told me its so they can be served on time as as they go inside its hard to see them…fair enough

inside Cliffy's Daylesford

inside Cliffy’s

Jeff enjoying our lovely seat at Cliffy's

Darling enjoying the lovely front seat (was popular as was grabbed moment we got up)

"Cliffy's support the people who produce the food we eat"

“Cliffy’s support the people who produce the food we eat”

"We support the people who produce the food we use"

outside quote – love that what they serve is sourced as locally as they can…

old canisters from my past

how lovely to see cannisters that I remember from my past…such a “familiar feeling” shop

Jeff enjoying his mug of coffee!

Darling enjoying his ‘mug’ of coffee

so cute...

love the pieces they put together!

We enjoyed a delightful breakfast – Darling enjoyed bacon and eggs, I enjoyed bercher museli and yoghurt but time to venture on.

We purchased from this shop a few containers of pink salt – has no iodine…from the Murray River area. A special salt, not readily located.

Time to keep going….we visited the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens and Lake Daylesford which I will talk about in my next blog…

We noticed that quite a few shops were closed as we were travelling through on a friday and they werent opened until the weekend – trying to catch the weekend tourists from Melbourne (as its only about 1.5 hours). A pity as we were hoping to visit an interesting antique shop.

I did make it to “Wombat Gifts”, so glad I did. I always like to take a little something to say thank you for having us! Its located in an old building along the main street of Daylesford, Vincent Street.

the old building which looks so sad is the home of "Wombat Gifts", a fabulous well priced gift shop in Daylesford

the old building which looks so sad is the home of “Wombat Gifts”, a fabulous well priced gift shop in Daylesford.

I bought from this shop a bronze statue of an angel which had her wings broken off (sounds far worse than it looks – really) which was well discounted (only $2o)…so will pop her into my garden . Also purchased gorgeous “french” tins,,,perfect for my darlings to pop little herb pots or my friend is placing her cosmetics – easy to move them around when travelling.  I bought a gorgeous wire basket to pop the eggs in – drives me crazy that the eggs are dumped on the bench – fixed that challenge! Really wished I could have purchased more as great prices!

Darling promised me 25 years ago that he would bring me to Daylesford. Whilst we were here, he constantly talked about what we would do when we return…loved hearing that!

Time to discover Wombat Hill Botanial Gardens…but more about that in Part Three…hope you will enjoy the photos.

Until then, happy reading


a quick phone call – our adventure to Port Fairy Victoria Part One

My darling sister-in-law was walking with her darling girlfriend (and our dear friend) discussing a weekend down to the beach for a special dinner when thank goodness our names were mentioned. She told me later she didnt think we would come all that way for one dinner…our friend prompted her to ring and ask…so glad she did!

As my husband was required to drive the whole way I left it to him but of course the answer was an immediate yes! A chance to catch up with family, dear friends and for Darling to pay a visit to his childhood holiday town…I knew there wouldnt be a different reply!

We left Canberra at approximately 2pm and along the way we booked our accommodation. We left it that late to book our accommodation, not knowing how far Darling wanted to travel that night. We decided on…Daylesford. Darling had promised to take me 25 years ago!

Mt Teneriffe Victoria at sunset

Mt Teneriffe Victoria at sunset

setting sun over Victoria

Sun setting over Victoria as seen near Bedford

After a quick stop in Wodonga for a bite for dinner we headed to Bedford, leaving the freeway and headed west along the country roads, zig zaging to reach Daylesford.



Racing through the night between Malmesbury and Daylesford Victoria

about 10pm between Malmesbury and Daylesford Victoria

Travelling this late at night, thank goodness we saw no signs of Roos (kangaroos)! Hitting one can wreck a holiday!

As we were heading this way late at night, we took the easy highway options as it was too dark to enjoy the stunning scenery. We passed the ‘infamous’ and haunting “Hanging Rock” portrayed in the 1970’s movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock” set in early 1900’s about a group of schoolgirls that disappeared on the Rock. I had visited it during the early 1980’s but Darling is yet to experience the ‘hauntingness’ (if thats a word…) but it is quite spooky…a good reason to return.

We arrived in Daylesford at 10.15 but with 3 GPS’s we couldnt locate our hotel without driving around and around…the positive outcome is we saw some beautiful buildings! We had tried to book into ‘the Albert Hotel’ but no response to our phone calls…I read later its haunted…mmmmm….needed my sleep that night!

Our hotel, the Daylesford Central Motor Inn was comfortable. Darling spoke to Steve and booked along the way. He wanted to pay cash for our night stay. They were kind enough to hold our room for us and didnt give it away, happy to receive payment next morning. We really appreciated it!

Originally the Blacksmith's - building made of handmde bricks

Originally Daylesford’s Blacksmith – the building is made of handmade bricks

Driving around Daylesford looking for our hotel, we found this…it seemed to glow at us…

Finally we located our hotel, then Darling took a while to find our room key…our room was comfortable ensuring for a great nights sleep…before our new day of adventures began…

To keep our travels in our life – Christmas Decorations….

christmas decorations

Hello Darlings,

A few days ago my family pulled down our christmas tree. I always find it a little sad…but its a chance for me to retouch our decorations, to recall where I found each piece.

When ever I travel anywhere in the World, I love to bring home reminders. There are three items I love to bring home…a tea towel, a piece of jewellery (I collect hearts to wear on a bracelet or a piece of Pandora) and I look for a piece that we can place on our Christmas Tree.

You can find a piece anywhere your imagination can lead you….

Above are a few pieces that we have on our tree….

The cross was bought in Delphi Greece 2010, its a ceramic created locally. The delicate cross is one of my favourite pieces….

The large metal piece with agate was bought in 2002 from the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. We got lost and found this amazing little man selling pieces from Turkmenistan

The pink heart was bought in Chateau Versailles, Paris – my best friend Stacey and I had an hour to run to the Hall of Mirrors and I was able to purchased this decoration and a hand towel along the way…

Mele Kalikimaka 2002 brings smiles to my children’s faces as it reminds them of a wonderful holiday – reminds them of surfing and sand. They are always keen on popping this one up for that reason…

The round bright colour piece was purchased in Cortona piazza, Tuscany 2011 – my memory of looking for Bramasole….

The cut out wood was from Brugge – Stacey and I went on a horse and buggy tour of Brugge – and the horse needed to stop for a water – amazing what you can buy in 5 minutes!!!

The bells were bought in Chatuchak weekend market…how perfect to ring on our tree as someone walks past…

And finally the lovely red piece was from England….bought in a castle shop..always have the essence of the castle on my tree…

I even place a donkey bell that I found in Skopelos too

So I suppose what I am saying is,  its a wonderful memory to keep your enjoyment lasting for years to come!

Desiree xxx